Vegetarian Farro Salad

This farro salad is very high in plant protein and fiber. It also has a lot of healthy fats. With the variety of veggies, grains, and nuts, it's also full of vitamins and minerals.

This superb farro salad is everything you want out of a grain bowl--it's fresh, healthy, simple to make, and tastes DELICIOUS

Let's get cooking!

#1:  Cook the farro

Farro can be cooked on the stove or in the Instant Pot or a rice cooker.

#2:  Mix the Vinaigrette

This light and fresh Lemon Herb Vinigrette tastes great on pretty much anything!

#3:  Chop the Vegetables

This tasty salad includes: radish avocado cilantro sweet bell peppers sugar snap peas pistachios

#4: Assemble the Salad

Once all the ingredients are ready, simply mix them all together in a large bowl and drizzle with the lemon dressing!

It's  Amazing

It's  Amazing

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