Fried Chicken Meatballs

They work as a tasty appetizer, snack, or a meal!

This recipe is loved by both children and adults.

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Why you'll love them


They are packed with hidden fruit and veggies!


-ground chicken -apple -carrots -onion -breadcrumbs -chicken bullion -thyme

 Shred the carrots, apple and onion.

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Step One

Combine all ingredients and form into balls

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Step Two

Fry on the stove, turning often to get all sides golden.

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Step Three

Use a thermometer to determine when they done, which is when the center reaches 165 degrees.

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Pro Tip

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Pro Tip

If the center of the meatballs don't reach 165 degrees, you are at risk for food poisoning. If you cook them much over 165 degrees, your meatballs will be dry and tough.

Serve and enjoy!

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Step Four

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